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Frequently Asked Questions about Kings Gate Apartments

  • What is the property’s specific neighborhood/local area? Sterling Heights
  • What school district is the property in? Utica
  • Please list the local public schools (elementary, middle, high school) Elementary—Dresden Elementary, Middle School—Bemis, High School—Henry Ford II
  • What is the closest grocery store and how far away is it? Kroger—2 Miles
  • What is the closest highway and how far away is it? M-59—1 Mile
  • Is the property close to a local bus stop? About 2 miles away
  • What is the closest park and how far away is it? Ben Hadley Park—0.5 Miles
  • What are a few of the popular restaurants that are close by? Chili’s, Applebees, Olive Garden, Red Lobster
  • What is the closest shopping mall/center and how far away is it? Lakeside Mall—6 Miles
  • Where is the closest Starbucks or coffee shop? Starbucks—Inside Kroger 2 Miles
  • If the property does not have a dog park on site, where is the closest dog park located? Ben Hadley Park—0.5 Miles
  • What is the closest public library and how far away is it? Utica Public Library—6 Miles
  • Does the community have a facebook page? Yes—
  • What universities/colleges are near by? Macomb Community College, Oakland University